Preparing for fitting service

Preparing for installation

When a new LVT floor is installed, it’s vital to have the room as empty as possible. That’s why we’ve written this convenient guide to help you get ready for installation day.

Step One: Remove all of your small furnishings, like lamps, magazine racks, footstools can all be removed easily by one person.

Step Two: Remove any devices with power cables that could become damaged when moving. It is also advised to empty items like display cabinets and free-standing cabinets to make them easier to move later.

Step Three: Remove any oversized furniture; get the help of another person to help move more oversized furniture items like sofas, cupboards etc. Ideally, you will have all cabinets and sideboards etc., empty.

Step Four: Heavy Objects On occasions, it is not possible to remove furniture within a room. In this case, large objects like bookcases or shelving units can be relocated to one side of the room, allowing our flooring contractors to install your new floor in halves.

Step Five: After your installation You will want to avoid damaging your floor when replacing furniture – Ideally, more oversized items should be carried and not dragged across your new floor.

We recommend giving your new floor a 24 hour rest period to ensure the adhesive has adequate time to cure correctly.


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